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Information for Owners

You were smart to buy into the rental property investment market when you did; but, has it become more trouble than you had anticipated?

If you are tired of the

             •  Late Pays
             •  La
te Night Calls for Repairs
             •  Maintenance Headaches

We can help . . . We Are

Home Team Realty

We know that owning several rental properties can provide you with a safe and secure retirement. The hassles of dealing with the day to day business of property management can prove to be very stressful. That’s where we can help.

At Home Team Realty we take management of your rental property very seriously. With our vast amount of experience you can rest assured we keep your interests first and foremost. Our trained staff are good at what they do, be it clerical/computer support, physical maintenance or repairs of the property; or, representing you, the owner, in those rare cases which may lead to eviction or small claims court.


When you purchased your rental property you had the right idea. Now, you may be encountering lots of ‘little’ headaches you hadn’t even thought about.


We can help you get on with your life. We are Home Team Realty and we specialize in managing rental properties. Some of our support services include:

Financial Management

  •      Rent Collections
  •      Accounts Receivables
  •      Accounts Payables
  •      Monthly Account Statements
  •      Applicant Screening & Approval
  •      Negotiation of Rental Agreements
  •      Rental/Lease Structuring
Comprehensive Advertising
  •      On-Line Internet Websites
  •      Maintenance & Repairs
  •      We conduct frequent on-site inspections
  •      Coordinate and Supervise all Maintenance and Repair Activities
  •      24-Hour Emergency Response
  •      Supervise Independent Contractors
  •      Negotiate Fees & Rates with Independent Contractors

Section 8 Housing
  •      We handle all the paper­work with the housing authority
  •      Attend all Section 8 Inspections
  •      Ensure that Tenants Abide by Section 8 Requirements

We collect your monthly rent receipts and follow-up on those tenants who may be late. In the event a tenant falls behind on their rent we pursue them via telephone calls, five day notices, process serving, and, ultimately, small claims court to recoup your money, plus legal expenses.
We provide you with a monthly statement detailing income and expenses for your rental property. Copies of any invoices or bills which may have been paid on your behalf can be found along with your monthly statement on your Owner's Portal within our website.
We have our own maintenance staff with over twenty years of experience. In the event that a repair may require licensed professionals, such as electricians or plumbers, we negotiate the best prices for you, the owner. We screen prospective tenants with credit checks and contact with previous landlords.
Should you decide that you may be interested in obtaining our services, please feel free to call us at the numbers listed herein. We know how stressful property management can be; and, we know, too, the lucrative income which can be obtained through rental properties. Our fees and rates are comparable with other property managers in the Oklahoma City Metro area.
We will provide you with a Comparative Marketing Analysis in which our staff will research your property, its neighborhood, and the then current optimum rent for the area. Our management fees are competitive with other property management companies in the area; and, well worth it to provide you with peace of mind and help to avoid the stress associated with rental property management.
Give us a call, at your convenience, the marketing analysis is free, so what do you have to lose but a few minutes of your time?

We are
Home Team Realty
Here to help you in any way we can!
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